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Dealing with Forgery Charges

Although white collar crimes are typically non-violent offenses, they still carry grave legal penalties. If you have been arrested or you suspect that you may be under investigation, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney in Denver, CO, right away. In order for your felony attorney to prepare an effective legal defense on your behalf, it’s important to be fully honest about the circumstances. Your criminal defense attorney will have trouble defending you effectively if the prosecutor has information that your own attorney lacks.

There are a few legal defense strategies that may be used in forgery cases. For a defendant to be convicted of forgery, the law requires that he or she must demonstrate the intent to defraud. For example, your criminal defense attorney might argue that, although you created fake lottery tickets, your intention was not to pass them off as being authentic. Alternatively, your lawyer may argue that you were falsely accused.

Dealing with Forgery Charges

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