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Examining the Elements of Solicitation

Criminal solicitation is strongly associated with the crime of prostitution, which is why people charged with this crime often turn to an experienced sex crime lawyer in the Denver, CO area. However, the legal definition of criminal solicitation is actually much broader, and can apply to more than just sex crimes. Under the Colorado Revised Statutes, criminal solicitation occurs when the accused has tried to persuade someone else to commit a felonious act. Solicitation also occurs when the accused has offered his or her services, or the services of someone else, for the purpose of committing a felony or being an accomplice to a felony.

In addition to proving one of those two types of solicitation, a prosecutor must prove that the accused showed clear intent to commit the offense. A seasoned felony attorney can look for ways of disproving the existence of these elements, such as by arguing that the accused was coerced and did not intend to commit the act.

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