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What Roadside Tests Can Police Use to Prove Drugged Driving?

Now that regulated marijuana use is legal in many states, police officers have the difficult task of determining whether a driver is impaired by the drug. As you’ll learn when you watch this video, it’s far more difficult to test for marijuana impairment than for alcohol. Chemical tests can prove blood alcohol levels, although felony attorneys near Denver, CO can still contest the results. There is no such reliable test for THC—the active ingredient in marijuana.

This video explains the differences between active and metabolized THC. Active THC can cause impairment, while metabolized THC does not. Although a chemical test can measure the total level of THC in the blood, there is no technology available yet to determine the difference between active and metabolized THC. As a result, police officers must use roadside sobriety tests to determine impairment, in addition to a chemical test.

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