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Lawyers in Denver, CO, who handle domestic violence cases often spend part of their consultations with their clients debunking the common myths about these cases. It’s often assumed that if the alleged victim doesn’t want to press charges, the alleged offender can’t be arrested. However, as your domestic violence lawyer can advise you, Colorado law enforcement officers are obligated by the law to arrest anyone whom they suspect of committing domestic violence. This means that if an officer arrives at a dwelling and sees a person with a black eye or lacerations, the officer will almost certainly arrest another household member who is suspected of committing the violent act.

If you are arrested for this charge, it’s essential to contact a domestic violence lawyer right away. The alleged victim can’t get the charges dropped, and you’ll need a domestic violence lawyer to provide legal advocacy services on your behalf. It’s entirely possible that the prosecutor will move forward with the case, even if the alleged victim doesn’t want to testify.

Domestic Violence Charges in Denver, CO