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Having been arrested for the first time in my entire life, actually the first time I had ever been ‘in trouble’ at all, I was most definitely scared, lost, nervous and definitely uneducated on the process. Once I fell in contact with both Craig Mastro and Victor Stazzone, who represented me throughout the entire experience, those feelings quickly dissipated. Craig and Victor made me feel very comfortable on what to expect and they kept me informed and involved throughout it all. Any time I had a question or comment on my case, or even the subject matter, they were extremely prompt and responsive, never leaving me feeling uncertain. One attribute that I personally consider to be of high importance, and one that they both portrayed immediately, is that they would contact me the days before, and especially the day of, to confirm appointment times and their attendance of them. Overall, they made me feel as if I had known them my whole life and that my case was not just “another case”, but instead, a case that was individual and important to them. I would recommend them and their firm in a heartbeat!