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It’s common for defendants and their families to have trouble understanding the details of the criminal charges, such as the differences between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. An attorney who handles manslaughter cases in Denver, CO can answer any questions defendants have about the law. Under Colorado law, for instance, voluntary manslaughter is actually prosecuted as second-degree murder, but with a provision that can result in a reduced penalty than other second-degree murder cases. If a felony attorney prepares a defense case for a person charged with involuntary manslaughter, a few different laws may apply.

These laws cover situations such as assisted suicide, causing a death through reckless or negligent driving, and causing a death due to any other form of negligence. Vehicular homicide often involves driving while impaired, which is a strict liability offense. This means that the criminal defense attorney cannot use the defense that the defendant lacked the intent or state of mind to cause the death.

Vehicular Manslaughter

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