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Contact Criminal Defense Lawyers In Denver

Like most Denver residents, you probably consider yourself a law-abiding citizen. Even so, there are a number of reasons why you might get in trouble with the law. For example, a terrible misunderstanding or a brief period of poor judgment could land you in a holding cell. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your arrest, the Denver criminal defense attorneys at Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone can help you fight your charges.

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Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone P.C.

1720 S. Bellaire St. #1100
Denver, CO 80222

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1720 S. Bellaire St. #807 Denver, CO 80222

Driving to Our Office

If you’re driving from Downtown Denver, take Interstate 25 south until you get to exit 204 for Colorado 2 (Colorado Blvd). Stay left at the fork as you exit the freeway, and follow signs for Colorado 2 North. Take a left on Colorado Blvd, then a right on Mexico Ave. Take a right after the Best Buy onto Bellaire St, and you’ll see our building on the left.

If you’re coming from the Centennial area, drive north on Interstate 25 until you get to exit 203 for Evans Ave. Stay left at the fork and continue on Jewell Ave. Stay on Jewell Ave until the road comes to a “T,” then take a left. The road you’re on will curve to the right and become Bellaire St. You’ll see our building on the right.


What’s Nearby

University of Denver
Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Community College of Aurora

Thousands of settlers came to the Denver area in the late 1850s after hearing word of gold deposits in the Rocky Mountains. Several settlements were established in the area, including Denver City, which was named after Kansas Territorial Governor James Denver. The name of the city was shortened to Denver in 1867, and the city became the Colorado state capital in 1876.

Today, more than 630,000 people live in Denver and about 2,900,000 people live in the metropolitan area. Denver’s official elevation is 5,280 feet, which is why one of its nicknames is the “Mile-High City.” Denver has historically been an important commercial hub, and today it’s the largest city within a 500-mile radius.

Denver Public Resources

Denver Police Department
Regional Transit District Denver
Denver International Airport

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