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Menacing charges are taken very seriously under Colorado law. If you’ve been charged with misdemeanor or felony menacing, you need to obtain legal representation promptly. Contact a defense lawyer in Denver and provide him or her with all the information about your case, including the names and addresses of any witnesses to the alleged incident. It’s important to be completely honest with your criminal attorney. Withholding information may jeopardize your defense. The strategies your criminal attorney can use to defend you depend on the circumstances of the alleged incident.

As your lawyer can explain to you, the prosecutor does not need to prove that you intended to cause the other person to be in fear of bodily injury. Instead, the prosecutor must only prove that you knew your alleged actions could cause another person to be in imminent danger of injury. Your criminal attorney can argue for dismissal of the charges or acquittal by pointing to flaws in the prosecutor’s evidence.

Menacing charges are taken very seriously under Colorado law