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For defendants in Denver, any criminal case can be difficult to deal with, even with the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. However, sexual assault charges are in a league their own. Sex crimes are widely recognized as being among the most reprehensible, with good reason. Unfortunately, this often means that in the court of public opinion, defendants charged with sex assault may be presumed guilty until proven innocent. Even if the charges are dropped or the defendant is acquitted, his or her reputation has most likely been destroyed.

Employment Termination

It is not uncommon for an individual to be fired after being falsely accused of sexual assault. The same typically applies to false charges of sexual harassment in the workplace. For many defendants, job loss during this time is particularly difficult to cope with because of the cost of defending themselves in court. In some cases, acquitted defendants might try to regain employment with their former employer. However, if the individual’s skills are easily transferable, it may simply be easier and more practical to find a new job and build a new reputation.

Relationship Problems

Partnerships and marriages may fall apart when false sex crimes accusations surface. Sometimes, relationships are strong enough to withstand criminal charges, particularly if the individual is acquitted. Marriage counseling or family counseling can often be helpful for rebuilding trust.

Family Law Issues

When a marriage falls apart and there are children involved, false accusations of sexual assault can be particularly harmful. The other parent may try to use these accusations to discredit the individual, even if that person has been acquitted or the charges have been dropped. In some cases, the child custody case may have preceded the false accusations. For example, one parent may level charges of marital rape against the other in order to gain an advantage in family court. Falsely accused individuals must stay ahead of these problems by cooperating fully with their attorneys and disclosing all relevant information.

Psychological Trauma

Despite dropped charges or an acquittal, the psychological trauma of being falsely accused can be extremely difficult to bear. These emotional challenges may be further compounded by the lingering social stigma of the charges. Defendants who are finding it difficult to move forward with their lives may benefit from professional counseling.