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After an arrest for theft, it’s imperative to hire a robbery lawyer serving Denver, CO right away. Your robbery lawyer can help you understand the nuances of the charges against you. Colorado law recognizes different types of robbery charges. Simple robbery, which is also just called “robbery,” is theft without the use or threat of a weapon. Simple robbery isn’t considered a violent crime. However, your robbery lawyer will still need to defend you from a class four felony charge. It’s punishable by up to six years in prison and maximum fines of $500,000.

Aggravated robbery is a violent crime that involves the use of a weapon or a simulated weapon, such as a toy gun. In Colorado, aggravated robbery is a class three felony. It’s a mandatory sentence of 10 – 32 years behind bars and fines of up to $750,000. Talk to your criminal defense attorney about effective strategies that will give you the best chance of preserving your freedom.

Criminal defense attorney about effective strategies in Denver, CO