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Since cases involving sexual assault are often one person’s word against another’s, individuals who are charged with sexual assault may have difficulty defending themselves in both the court of law and the court of public opinion. While the mere accusation of sexual assault can have a tremendously negative impact on your life, a felony sexual assault conviction can be life-changing. That’s why it’s important you contact a criminal defense attorney in Denver as soon as you’ve been accused of sexual assault. In order to protect your rights, your sexual assault defense attorney will:

Document Your Case
During your initial consultation, your attorney will have you write down as many details as possible about the case. Be as detailed as possible, especially with regards to any events or information related to the false accusations. The more information you can provide your attorney, the better your defense strategy will be.

Examine the Evidence Against You
One of the most critical stages of defending against sexual assault accusations is examining the initial evidence against you and noting any irregularities or falsities that will prove your innocence. Inconsistent police reports, negative rape test kit results, and medical documentation inconsistent with the charges against are just a few of the ways false sexual assault accusations are brought to light.

Compile and Interview Witnesses
Your Denver criminal defense attorney will compile a list of possible witnesses based on the charges and evidence against you. Witnesses can either be called as direct witnesses – meaning they saw or heard something contrary to the accusations against you – or indirect witnesses, which often serve to establish or corroborate your character. Your attorney will also arrange for expert witnesses who can disprove the accusations made against you, such as doctors, psychologist, and law enforcement officials.

Defending Against False Sexual Assault Accusations