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Sex-related charges are very complicated, especially as they usually involve one person’s word against another person’s word. As a result, someone charged with a sex crime may have difficulty defending him or herself and should immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney. Simply being charged with a sex crime can dramatically impact someone’s life, but an experienced lawyer can help reduce someone’s potential sentence get the charges dropped completely or prepare for trial.

Indeterminate prison sentence
Certain sexual assault charges require severe minimum sentences. This means someone found guilty could face life in prison. Sexual assault is a felony charge, so most convictions require lengthy jail sentences. Not only does this have immediate consequences, but it can also affect someone’s future employability and quality of life. In assessing the subject of sexual assault, juries often become emotionally charged, so it’s important for someone to seek representation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Denver.

Tarnished reputation
Even if a sexual assault charge is dropped, the entire trial and arrest process can severely tarnish someone’s reputation. Friends and family members may never look at that person in the same way. The social stigma of being charged with a sex crime can follow someone to work and in his or her future interactions with the community. Once someone’s reputation begins to suffer, he or she may also become increasingly isolated from the rest of society.

Sex offender registration
As an experienced criminal defense attorney can explain, a sex crime conviction requires registration with the national sex offender registry. Even minor sexual offenses can result in years of someone’s name being placed on the registry. More serious crimes can result in lifetime registration. Being a registered sex offender severely limits where someone can live in relation to schools and playgrounds. It also requires someone to inform neighborhood residents of his or her sex offender status. Someone placed on the sex offender registry will also need to provide address changes to police authorities and will lose his or her right to bear arms.

 Right to bear arms