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If you have been charged with a felony in Denver, it’s crucial that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. A criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of your criminal case and explain to you what your options are. Here is a look at the felony sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum sentences in Colorado.

Felony Sentencing Guidelines

Each felony is placed into one of six classes, with a class one felony being the most serious, and a class six felony being the least serious. These felony classes each have their own sentencing guidelines, which consist of a presumptive sentence, presumptive minimum and maximum sentences, and an exceptional maximum sentence. A presumptive sentence is one that is considered fair if there are no mitigating or aggravating circumstances surrounding the crime. Mitigating circumstances may justify a sentence that is half of the presumptive, while aggravating factors may justify a sentence that is twice the presumptive.

Sex Offender Sentencing Guidelines

The sentencing guidelines for felony sex assault and sex crimes are slightly different than those of other felonies. Any person who is convicted of a felony sex assault or sex crime that is a class 4 or higher must be sentenced to an indeterminate period in prison or on intensive probation. He is subject to being supervised while in prison, on parole, or on probation for the rest of his life. Class 5 felony sex assault or sex crimes do not require an indeterminate prison or probation period. Class 2 felony sex assault carries a presumptive minimum of 16 years in prison; class 3 carries a presumptive minimum of 10 years in prison; and class 4 carries a presumptive minimum of 2 years in prison.

Time Computation

There are a variety of factors that determine how long a convicted felon’s prison term will be. Defendants are allowed to receive credit against their prison sentence for any time spent in jail prior to their sentencing. The defendant’s criminal defense attorney must submit a time computation worksheet to the court.

Felony Sentencing Guidelines by Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone P.C.