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If you have been charged with forgery or fraud near Denver, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A fraud attorney can provide legal advice, analyze the details of criminal case, investigate relevant criminal laws, and determine if it’s possible to successfully fight your felony fraud or forgery charges. In Colorado, forgery can be a misdemeanor or a Class 5 felony. Criminal law defines it as the attempt to defraud a person or the government.

Forgery is committed when a person makes, completes, alters, or utters a written instrument of value fraudulently and for his own gain. The felony is punishable under criminal law with a prison sentence between eighteen months and one year. In order to allow your criminal lawyer to build the best defense against your felony forgery or fraud charges, you should invoke your right to remain silent and refuse to be questioned without your defense lawyer present.

Your criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your future and your rights by navigating the complex criminal law and procedures necessary to defend you.

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