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Colorado law recognizes several types of property crimes. If you’re facing any type of charge for a property crime, you should seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney in Denver, CO. A robbery lawyer can explain the charges and discuss the potential penalties if you are convicted. One common property crime is robbery, which is the use of force or the threat of force for the purpose of stealing property or money from someone. Your criminal defense attorney will likely need to defend you from a charge of aggravated robbery if you are accused of committing robbery with a deadly weapon or claiming to be armed.

Burglary is a property crime that is separate from robbery. Burglary involves unlawfully entering into a residence or other closed structure with the intent of committing any time of crime inside, such as robbery, assault, or vandalism. A criminal defense attorney can also defend clients from charges of criminal mischief, which involves damaging someone else’s property or damaging jointly owned property.

Property Crime Charges in Denver, CO