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If your loved one has been arrested, you can contact a criminal defense attorney near Denver to find out what you should do next. Your criminal lawyer can let you know if the court has set bond for your loved one yet. If so, this means you can arrange for your loved one’s release from jail. There are a few different ways to navigate the bond process. The first is by providing cash to the court in the amount of the set bond. As your criminal defense attorney will inform you, the court will retain the cash until the resolution of the case. If the charges are dismissed or your loved one enters a guilty plea, the cash will be returned to you.

If you do not have sufficient cash on hand to meet the bond amount, the DUI law firm you contact may be able to recommend a professional bondsperson in the area. If you choose to use the services of a bondsperson, you’ll pay a portion of the bond. This is non-refundable. The bondsperson will provide the remainder. Or, your criminal defense attorney may recommend posting a property bond, if you own real estate. You’ll file the property bond with the court, posting your real estate as collateral instead of cash.

Property bond with the court