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Burglary is always a very serious criminal offense. To learn whether your burglary charge is considered to be a violent crime, you’ll need to consult a criminal defense attorney in Denver, CO. Generally, under Colorado law, burglary is considered to be a property crime. However, depending on the unique factual circumstances of your case, your charge may be considered to be a violent crime. As your criminal defense attorney can advise you, Colorado law defines burglary as illegally entering a residence, any other building, or any locked container with the intent to commit a crime.

Quite often, the intended crime is theft, which is a crime against property and therefore might not be considered a violent crime. In this case, your criminal defense attorney will likely defend you from a third-degree burglary charge. On the other hand, you might be accused of assaulting or menacing another individual while you’re in the building illegally. This is considered a violent crime. In this case, your felony attorney would likely defend you against first-degree burglary charges.

Burglary Considered a Violent Crime explained by Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone P.C.