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MBS Defends Clients Accused of Forgery and Identity Theft

Mastro, Barnes, & Stazzone, P.C. (MBS) has been defending criminal cases in Denver, Colorado for more than 35 years. Our skilled team of powerful criminal defense attorneys has the experience to assist you with forgery and identity theft cases, as well as much more. We have a legal team that features former prosecuting attorneys and defenders, whose collective experience is evident every time we step into a courtroom. Our team knows the value of hard work and aggressiveness. Each attorney among us shares these attributes, which help us get the results our clients deserve. If you have been charged with forgery or identity theft, call us right away. We can represent you from arraignment and pre-trial hearings through the entirety of the case. MBS provides high-quality representation in District and County courts throughout Colorado, so call us today to learn how we can help you.

Fighting Forgery and Identity Theft Charges in Denver

Understanding What Constitutes Identity Theft

Identity theft is an increasingly common crime that can create a wide range of negative consequences for victims. With a large amount of personally-identifiable information exchanged every day, people are much more vulnerable to fall prey to criminal identity theft. As a result, awareness is on the rise and leniency is not tolerated. Individuals charged with identity theft face judges and juries who have little sympathy for the crime they are alleged to have committed, but it is important to remember that the burden of proof is on the prosecution. If you are accused of identity theft in Denver, Mastro, Barnes, and Stazzone, P.C. will help you fight the case with a smart, well-reasoned defense. The prosecutors must prove that you used personally-identifiable information to defraud or deceive, typically to obtain something of value. The Colorado Revised Statutes classify identity theft as a class 4 felony, so you should rely on an experienced firm like MBS to help you prove your innocence and avoid severe penalties.

Possible Penalties for Identity Theft in Colorado

As a class 4 felony, identity theft is punishable by jail time and fines. Depending on the case, persons convicted of the crime may have to spend up to six years in prison or pay fines that can total $500,000. Mastro, Barnes, & Stazzone, P.C. will aim to ensure you do not face such consequences. In addition to providing a compelling case for your defense throughout your trial, we can assist during the sentencing phase if it comes to that. We always want to provide our clients with the best possible outcome. In your case, that may not include a not guilty finding. It may merely mean helping you retain certain freedoms and liberties. We will work with the prosecution as well as the court system to help you avoid jail time or hefty fines.


Colorado Recognizes Forgery As A Form of Identity Theft

Though not as severe as identity theft, forgery falls under a similar umbrella. Mastro, Barnes, & Stazzone, P.C. can represent you in Denver, CO, and the surrounding area if you face forgery charges. Many people can empathize with victims of such a crime, so it is critical to partner with a law firm that has extensive experience defending cases of this variety. Forgery is a non-violent crime that is almost always motivated by financial gain. It involves falsely creating, completing, altering, or uttering a written instrument with the intent to defraud. Written instruments include papers, documents, or any other printed material capable of being used to benefit or disadvantage of another person.

The severity of forgery crimes varies. Prosecutors charge individuals with first-degree forgery – a class 5 felony – if they attempt to defraud other persons or entities by falsifying money, stamps, or government securities issued by a government agency; stocks or bonds; deeds, wills, contracts, or other legal documents; public records; tokens, transfers, or tickets used in the place of money; lottery tickets; or identification documents. Using any other forms of false documents constitutes second-degree forgery, a class 1 misdemeanor.

Penalties for Forgery in Denver, Colorado

The penalties for forgery differ depending on the degree of the offense. A first-degree forgery charge is punishable by up to three years in prison and fines that could total $100,000. A second-degree offense carries the penalty of a class 1 misdemeanor. Persons convicted of such a crime face up to 18 months in jail and $5,000 in fines. Beyond the punishments levied by the courts, forgery convictions also come with lifelong reputation ramifications. Potential employers, banks, housing properties, and more will be skeptical of doing business with individuals who are known, forgers. Let Mastro, Barnes, and Stazzone, P.C. help you beat the rap with an aggressive defense to protect your freedom.


Let MBS Defend You Against Forgery Charges

In recent years – coinciding with the increasing ease and frequency of electronic information exchange – law enforcement has concentrated its efforts on prosecuting crimes involving identity theft and forgery. A local Colorado jurisdiction has convened a grand jury to investigate and prosecute such cases. An area district attorney even committed a considerable portion of his re-election campaign to highlight efforts he made to prosecute identity theft. With forgery and identity theft now a law enforcement priority, prosecutors and judges offer very little leniency to individuals facing or convicted of the charges. But Mastro, Barnes, and Stazzone, P.C. is here to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. We have extensive experience defending clients who have been accused of forgery and identity theft in Denver, CO, and we will aggressively fight to maintain your freedom and uphold your reputation. Do not hesitate to call us for assistance. Your case may depend on quick, decisive action. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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