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We Take On the Toughest Habitual Criminal Cases

When sentencing convicted criminals in Colorado, judges look at a number of factors, including the defendant’s past criminal history. If you already have a criminal record and you’re charged with another felony, you could be sentenced under Colorado’s Three Strikes law for habitual offenders. The Three Strikes law significantly amplifies the legal penalties upon conviction.

If you’re being charged with a felony and you have a criminal record, it’s imperative to connect with a law firm that has experience working these complex cases. At Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone, our habitual criminal lawyer is keenly familiar with the Colorado court system and with the Three Strikes law. We’ll work with you to prepare your legal defense and facilitate the best possible outcome for your habitual criminal case.


Understanding the Habitual Offender Status in Colorado

Colorado’s Habitual Offender Laws

Like many other states, Colorado has a Three Strikes law on the books. In this state, the Three Strikes law is actually multiple laws pertaining to habitual offenders. Here’s a look at how it works:

  • “Little” Habitual Offender Law – The “little” or “baby” habitual criminal law classifies a person as a habitual offender if they were convicted of two separate felonies within the past 10 years, and then are charged with a third felony. This third felony is punishable with three times the maximum sentence normally used for that particular charge.
  • “Big” Habitual Offender Law – This Three Strikes law does not limit its jurisdiction to a specific time period. If an offender is convicted of three separate felonies at any time in any state, then a fourth felony conviction will result in a prison sentence that is four times as long as the maximum sentence for that charge.
  • “Biggest” Habitual Offender Law – In some habitual criminal cases, defendants who were already convicted of a fourth felony and are now charged with a fifth violent felony will receive a mandatory life sentence upon conviction. There is no possibility of parole for at least 40 years.
Menacing Charges explained by Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone P.C.

What Are the Habitual Offender Charges?

These Three Strikes laws do not apply to misdemeanors—criminal charges that may result in 18 months or less in jail. Rather, they all apply to felony convictions, which are the more serious cases. In Colorado, qualifying charges are those that fall under class 1 and class 2 offenses, as well as class 3 violent offenses. Some examples of these felonies include the following:

  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated robbery
  • Human trafficking
  • Racketeering

Handling the Most Complex Habitual Criminal Cases

The habitual criminal lawyer at Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone handles each habitual criminal case with a personalized approach. After thoroughly reviewing the case, our legal team may pinpoint holes or weaknesses in the prosecutor’s arguments or physical evidence. These can be used to get the charge dismissed outright. If dismissal is not possible, then we may be able to negotiate for a reduction of charges that would allow you to avoid sentencing under the Three Strikes law.

Contact Our Habitual Criminal Lawyer in Denver

No matter what happened in your past, everyone is legally entitled to competent criminal defense. At Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone, we pride ourselves on taking on even the toughest of habitual criminal cases, and we have a long track record of favorable outcomes for our clients. If you’re facing Colorado’s Three Strikes law, you could be looking at life imprisonment, with no parole possible for at least 40 years. Don’t risk your future; contact our law office in Denver today to request your free consultation.

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