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Our Probation Lawyer Defends Your Freedom

At Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone, P.C., one of the criminal defense strategies we often use is to negotiate with the prosecutor for a term of probation in order to keep our clients out of jail. Probation allows you to continue to work, go to school, and live in your own home while serving your sentence. However, you must abide by certain conditions. If you violate any of those conditions, you could be penalized. Whether or not we handled your original case, you should contact our probation violation lawyer in Denver promptly if you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation.

What Are the Terms of Probation?

Probation Violations

When you are placed on probation, you agree to abide by certain conditions in order to continue living and working in the community instead of being sent to jail. The specific terms of probation vary from case to case, but may include any of the following:

  • Abstaining from any additional criminal activity
  • Abstaining from illicit drugs and alcohol
  • Submitting to law enforcement searches
  • Avoiding possession of firearms
  • Carrying out court-mandated community service
  • Checking in regularly with the probation officer
  • Undergoing counseling
  • Paying victim restitution

In some cases, people on probation may be required to have electronic monitoring and they may be placed under house arrest. Failing to strictly abide by any of the conditions of your probation can result in a probation violation. If you have violated any of your conditions, contact our probation violation lawyer promptly—even if your probation officer has not yet found out about the violation.

What to Expect After a Probation Violation

What will happen if you violate the terms of your probation? It depends on the unique circumstances of your particular situation. If your probation officer considers the violation to be minor, you may simply receive a warning and you will have another chance to abide by your terms of probation. However, your probation officer could decide to take your case back to court by filing a motion to revoke your probation. You may receive a summons for a new court appearance or a warrant may be issued for your arrest. In either case, it’s imperative to contact our probation violation lawyer immediately.

Our probation lawyer can often negotiate directly with the prosecutor. We may be able to arrange for your current probation to be revoked and then reinstated, typically with additional terms you will need to abide by. If the probation violation is serious, then the prosecutor may push for additional sentencing, rather than a reinstatement of your probation. In this situation, your best course of action may be to have our probation lawyer negotiate for an additional community sentence instead. For example, if you were found in possession of drugs or alcohol, we may arrange for treatment in a halfway house in lieu of jail time.

Consult a Probation Violation Lawyer in Denver, CO

At the criminal defense law office of Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone, our probation lawyer will do what it takes to generate a favorable outcome for your case. In many cases, we’re able to arrange for court-mandated rehabilitation programs, rather than jail time for our clients. Contact our law office in Denver, CO for aggressive legal representation. We also service Aurora, Boulder, CentennialGreenwood Village, Littleton, and many other surrounding communities. Our probation violation lawyer offers free consultations.

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