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sexual assault charge can cover many different crimes, including unlawful sexual contact, statutory rape, and nonconsensual sexual intrusion. Contrary to what you might think, police officers do not base the entire investigation on the alleged victim’s statement. Police officers who investigate sexual assault charges in Denver, CO can look for physical evidence, interview witnesses, and consider other factors before making an arrest. If you’re under investigation or you’ve already been arrested, it’s critical to hire a sexual assault attorney right away.

Investigative Process for Sexual AssaultObservations

When police officers arrive on the scene of an alleged rape, they will carefully observe the scene, victim, and suspect while speaking with the involved parties. The officers will consider the distress of the victim and whether there are signs of a struggle, such as torn clothing, broken lamps, debris on the floor, and so on. Although the victim will be asked to have a medical exam promptly, the officers will also make a note of any visible signs of injuries.


The investigators will obtain multiple statements from the involved parties. The victim will be asked to discuss what happened on numerous occasions and perhaps by different investigators. Whether the victim’s statements remain consistent will be a factor in the investigation. Likewise, the alleged attacker will be questioned at length. The suspect will be informed that he or she has the right to have a sexual assault lawyer present during all questioning sessions. The officers will also take statements from eyewitnesses at the scene or in the vicinity at the time of the assault.

Medical Exams

Medical exams play a key role in rape investigations. The alleged victim will be asked to have a physical exam, in which the medical provider examines him or her for genital injuries and other bodily injuries. The medical provider will take samples for testing.

Physical Evidence

In addition to medical records and laboratory reports, the police officers will collect any other available evidence. This might include video surveillance footage, clothing from the victim, samples of blood from the scene, and similar evidence.