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If you are found guilty of or plead guilty or no contest to a sex crime in Colorado, you might be sentenced to probation rather than prison time. While on probation, you will be subject to Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation. Here is a look at the regulations and restrictions imposed by SOISP.

Regular Meetings with a Probation Officer

While on probation for your felony sex crime, you will be allowed to remain in your community. You must regularly meet with your probation officer, however. Your probation officer will ensure that you meet the terms of your probation by evaluating your employment, continuing education, and even relationships with friends and family. You may be required to submit to drug or alcohol testing, and you will have to contact your probation officer by phone according to a set schedule. Your probation officer will attempt to help you adhere to all of these conditions, and if you don’t, your probation might be revoked, and you might face prison time.

Indeterminate Sentence of Probation

When you are sentenced to probation for a felony sex crime or felony sex assault, you will be given a minimum sentencing time period, but no maximum. This means that your sentence of probation is indeterminate, and could potentially last for the rest of your life. Class 2 and 3 felony sex crimes carry a minimum sentence of 20 years on probation, and a maximum sentence of life on probation. Class 4 felony sex crimes carry a minimum of 10 years on probation, and a maximum sentence of life on probation. This is still preferable to life in prison or an indeterminate prison sentence, however.

Strict Levels of Supervision

Any person who must submit to SOISP must be under the highest levels of supervision. Your activities will be severely restricted, you will have a monitored curfew, your home and worksite will be visited and monitored, you must comply with drug and alcohol testing, and you must have daily contact with your probation officer. You might also have to pay restitution to the court or victims.

Strict Levels of Supervision sexual assault