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Domestic violence is a serious offense, and should not be taken lightly. In Colorado, an officer of the peace is required to make an arrest on the spot if the perpetrator of a domestic violence call is present. The suspect will be held and will not receive a bond until the victim has had a chance to be heard. If you have been arrested for domestic violence or assault charges, you’ll need a domestic violence attorney in Denver to represent you in a court of law. First- and second-degree assault are felony offenses, and involve a mandatory sentence with the Department of Corrections. Conviction of domestic violence will result in a loss of the right to possess a firearm for life, as well as a requirement to enroll in a treatment program. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about domestic violence charges and convictions in Colorado, and please share with your friends and family.

Infographic of 411 on Domestic Violence Convictions in Colorado