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If you’re facing any sort of sexual assault charge, it’s imperative to arrange for representation from a sex offender attorney in Denver, CO, as soon as possible. A conviction on a sexual assault charge can lead to a lengthy prison sentence, probation, and fines. Although these penalties are to be expected, many people fail to realize the long-term, sometimes permanent consequences of being a registered sex offender. Your sexual assault attorney can shed some light on the difficulties you might face in the years ahead.

Prisoner arrested for a sex offenseFees

On top of the court-ordered fines and legal fees that a sexual assault charge can bring, you can expect to pay hundreds or thousands in fees after the conviction. In Colorado, convicted sex offenders are required to undergo a psychosexual evaluation. They may be forced to pay this expense out-of-pocket or risk additional penalties. The average psychosexual evaluation may cost about $1,000 to $2,000. Later, sex offenders may be required to attend treatment, which can cost several hundred dollars per month. This treatment may be mandatory for months or even years.


Most employees are at-will employees, which means they can be fired for any reason that is not considered discriminatory. If you are employed at the time you are charged, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your job. Once you’re a registered sex offender, your probation officer will likely tell you that you must find gainful employment. However, it’s quite difficult to find a job with a sex assault conviction on your record. If you do find a job, it may be an unskilled position that pays low wages.


It’s common practice for landlords and property managers to run background checks on prospective tenants. Once a landlord realizes that you’re a convicted sex offender, he or she might refuse to rent to you. Additionally, some jurisdictions in Colorado limit where registered sex offenders are legally allowed to live.


Aside from the many legal restrictions and requirements imposed on convicted sex offenders , there are societal and familial drawbacks to being on the sex offender registry. Regardless of the specific offense or the circumstances of the incident, the label “sex offender” carries significant social stigma. In many cases, registered sex offenders also become estranged from their families.