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If you are facing criminal charges that could result in serious penalties or significant prison time, meeting with an experienced criminal lawyer near Denver is crucial. Even though no criminal case is the same, a criminal attorney can spot different factors in your case and make arguments to mitigate or potentially negate your criminal allegations. While a criminal defense lawyer has many jobs throughout your case, there are certain tasks you should expect from a good criminal attorney.

Works with the prosecutor
Your lawyer should be actively communicating with the prosecutor assigned to your case and working toward a plea bargain. This allows you to plead to a lesser criminal or drug offense and reduce your potential sentence. Your plea deal may also eliminate some of the charges the state has brought against you. A lawyer is crucial at this stage because many prosecutors are unwilling to negotiate a plea deal with someone who has chosen to represent him or herself. If you are found guilty at trial, your defense lawyer should also advocate for a sentence that possibly mitigates jail time, such as spending part of your sentence in a drug treatment facility.

Explains costs of pleading guilty
Pleading guilty may lead to a shorter sentence, but it results in other costs. Unlike clients who represent themselves, you can learn of the hidden costs of a guilty plea through your attorney. For example, your attorney can explain the difficulty you might experience in finding a job or securing housing after you finish your sentence.

Helps with your emotions
Facing criminal charges is a stressful experience, so you need to work with a lawyer who is sensitive to your emotional needs. Your lawyer should understand that being charged with a drug offense might result in embarrassment, depression, and fear. Your defense attorney needs to be there for you while offering a reality check about the success of your case. Your defense attorney should be able to objectively tell you how well a court proceeding or trial is going and what will likely happen to your case in the near future.

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