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Criminal cases can become costly for defendants and their families. If the judge sets bail, you may either pay the cash bail or secure a bond from a bondsman. Both of these options require disposable funds, although defendants can sometimes secure a property bond by using real estate as collateral. At Mastro, Barnes, and Stazzone, P.C., we understand the financial difficulties that may be associated with securing representation from a criminal defense attorney. Defendants are invited to schedule a free initial consultation at our criminal law firm in Denver.

During your consultation with a criminal defense attorney, you’ll receive detailed information regarding the fee for your case. Your fee will be based on several different factors, including whether you have a prior criminal record, which jurisdiction is involved with your case, and whether you prefer to move ahead with a trial or would consider accepting a plea deal. Our law firm offers affordable, flexible payment plans. We accept cash and check payments, along with all major credit cards.

Learn How To Pay for Your Case from Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone P.C.