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In addition to hiring an experienced sex crime lawyer to fight the case, one of the biggest concerns that many people who are facing a sexual assault charge have is protecting their reputation. Because of the nature of sex crime charges, even being arrested can have far-reaching implications, regardless of the eventual outcome of the case. Your sexual assault lawyer in Denver, CO, can help you understands your privacy rights after you are arrested. Here are some of the people who could access your record if you are charged with a sex crime.


Arrest records are generally available to the public by request, as long as there is not an ongoing investigation going on that could be jeopardized if the arrest is made public. In some cases, local media routinely requests arrest records and publishes them in a community crime roundup. In other instances, the media may request arrest records to prepare longer feature pieces on specific cases. Unless revealing your charges could somehow harm the investigation process, the media could access your arrest records.


Although there are restrictions on how both employers and prospective employers can use arrest records, they can access them and find out you have been charged with sexual assault. An employer may suspend you until your case is resolved, or they may choose to terminate you for absenteeism if you are incarcerated pending trial. Prospective employers are generally barred from using an arrest as the exclusive reason to not hire you. However, an employer may consider a charge without a conviction in the hiring process in some cases, particularly if a conviction could impact your ability to do the job.

Family and Friends

Family and friends won’t be notified of your charge, unless they are contacted as part of the investigation process or your sexual assault attorney needs to consult them while building your defense. However, the information is available to them should they have reason to look for it. Generally, family and friends can find out about pending charges if they search for your name in a state arrest record database.

your name in a state arrest record database