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If you’re pulled over for a DUI offense, don’t make the mistake of thinking of it as a simple traffic violation. You absolutely need an experienced DUI attorney at your side to help you navigate the complex court process that surrounds these kinds of charges. If you’re charged with a DUI, make sure your first call is to a DUI attorney serving Denver.

In Colorado, there are multiple types of DUI cases. If you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or greater, you will be charged with DUI. If your BAC is between .05 and .08 percent, then you may be charged with Driving While Impaired. There are also now marijuana DUI charges that can be controversial and difficult to fight. A DUI lawyer can help you fight your charges, reduce your penalties, and even prove that you’re not guilty. Protect your rights and let a criminal lawyer plead your case on your behalf.

A DUI lawyer can help you fight your charges